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When you choose to employ us to carry out your private investigation you can rest assured that your case will be handled by a leading Private Investigation Company. Our highly skilled professional Private investigators and Private Detectives are on hand 24-7, 365 days a year to assist you with your case. All of our private investigators and private detectives have been thoroughly screened and have the necessary qualifications and experience within the private investigation industry to undertake even the most complex of cases. We pride ourselves in being a friendly, understanding and approachable firm of professional private investigators. Our team of Multi-award-winning private detectives and investigators are highly experienced in evidence gathering and private investigation which allows us to get to the bottom of your case quickly and efficiently.

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We help our clients, both nationally and internationally, to establish the truth.


Do you suspect a partner is being unfaithful, having a secret life or hiding things from you?


Have you met someone online and are not convinced that they are being honest with you?

Recover stolen funds

If you suspect that assets may have been hidden from you, please get in touch with us for a no obligation discussion on the best way forward.\

Criminal Investigations

We frequently works with individuals, and companies to help defeat fraud and all sorts of online scams.

Locate People

]Are you looking to trace an individual? Whatever the situation ‘Are They Safe’ can help you locate any individual locally or Internationally.

Our Private Investigators are highly skilled, with years of professional investigation experience.

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My relationship would have still been struggling, but I am glad I met Hackinghire Private Invesigating services. I had always thought my wife was cheating on me, I did not know she was going through a blackmail with some dudes. Thank you Guys! I would recommend hackinghire services for everyone!

Thomas Steve

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