Catching a cheating spouse

Cheating Spouse? Easy ways to catch him/her.

Cheating Spouse

To catch a cheating spouse you need to put on your best Hollywood performance.

As one spouse put it, “It was extremely important that I pretend that absolutely nothing was wrong. I didn’t ask questions I normally wouldn’t. Didn’t let my tone or body gestures give off any clue that I suspected something.”

Many do-it-yourself investigators unknowingly sabotage their own infidelity investigations by suddenly becoming interrogators of their spouses. Once a cheating spouse senses you are on to them then if they have any intelligence at all they take extra precautions to make sure they aren’t caught. This will only slow down your investigation.

Here’s what you can do instead of drilling your cheating spouse with lots of questions, just start keeping a log book of everything he/she does. Write down the suspicious incidents including date, time, place and who the spouse was supposed to be with. Keeping a journal helps you analyze the information easier and uncover patterns you would miss otherwise.

An added benefit of keeping a journal is that liars have bad memories but a journal doesn’t. So if your spouse says he went out bowling last night with two guys from the office, casually ask him about it again in two weeks and see if he supplies the same information. Chances are if he wasn’t really bowling he may tell you that was the night he was at the baseball game.

If you don’t have the patience to keep an on-going journal, then check out the 11 different traps profiled in the Cheating Spouse Traps Guide available at and discover right now how you can easily get concrete evidence of what your spouse is doing behind your back.

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